Layton, UT

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Fitlife Wellness Spa 50% Off
Fitlife Wellness Spa unique in Layton, Utah. Providing a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit for overall health! Massage therapy our most requested treatment! Along with our therapeutic and medical massage, we offer a variety of well balanced services focusing on the individual. Fitlife a wonderful feeling of relaxation and healing. We are a small spa with a big heart. We project inner peace with relaxing soothing music, and a quite atmosphere to greet everyone entering our Spa. Our beautiful yoga studio creates an atmosphere of tranquility. The certified instructors teach with encouragement, and understanding. Our Aesthetics room is private and confidential providing an atmosphere of comfort. The FDA approved Synbergie cellulite machine is a vacuum massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Our facial room provides comfort while receiving any one of our ski9n care services. Ionic foot bath and paraffin hot wax gives the client time to relax. Our Spa is designed for comfort, and relaxation leaving everyone a desire to return. Nutritional programs, M?lis Supplements. Set up into our office for a free confidential consultation with our M?lis board certified practitioner recommending the right progr5am for weight loss, diabetes or a life style change.

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